There's no doubt Organic Island Shave Ice(OISI) and mama Heber's homemade fruit syrups, or 'special sauce,' can be traced back to the island of Oahu in the early 70's, but it was only just a few years ago when we brought our shave ice to the Pacific NW and began to firmly plant roots in Portland, OR.  It was right here on NE Alberta St. where Ilika perfected his craft using only a manual ice shaver and speaking passionately about his real fruit syrups, introducing a unique shave ice experience.

While there are many interpretations or versions of the frozen treat, our approach to shave ice is simple - homemade fruit syrups, hand crafted shave ice.  Only few all natural, raw ingredients are used while concocting our organic syrups, and strictly human touch, or brut strength in some instances, are needed to create the paper thin, snow-like ice flakes perfect for drizzling syrup all over.     

Organic Island Shave Ice

Real Fruit, Organic Syrup, Taste the Difference