How can something so simple be so delicious?  Easy.  It's all about the fruit.  Our syrups are made with minimal extra ingredients, our fruit are sourced from quality farms.  We believe in a more natural, organic process when creating our syrups, allowing the fruits natural flavors and inherent characteristics to come to life.  You'll notice our syrups our thicker, with texture and pulp often visible, unlike other syrups which appear thin and watery due to artificial flavoring and coloring.  Our syrups and shave ice don't just "Taste" like the fruit they ARE the fruit.  No surprises here, you get what you order.    

*All flavors available in 1G, 1/2G, and 32oz sizes.  Click on each flavor for pricing details and additional ordering options.

Organic Island Shave Ice

Real Fruit, Organic Syrup, Taste the Difference